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The BagStandz Co. is a premier national supplier of handbag stands. The perfect size for commercial settings like restaurants, offices and salons, the Bag Stand will create a service point of difference and elevate your guest experience by getting purses and personal items off the floor.

The BagStandz Co. is dedicated to helping combat the world hunger crisis and 5% of net profits are donated to Freedom From Hunger.

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The Bag Stand is an excellent customer service touch that tells me that the restaurant cares about me.
My handbag needs a better dining experience.
I am always concerned with security and cleanliness. I want my bag off the floor and where I can see it.
The bag stand is great for men too. I carry a messenger bag and it is always clumsy on the restaurant floor.

Medical/Dental Offices

Hanging my bag on a bag stand is a more hygienic option than the floor.
I am always aware of germs when I visit the doctor's office.
My dentist is so nice but they never have a place for me to place my jacket or bag.


I never like to put my bag on the salon floor.
My daughter had a very expensive bag ruined when a pedicure chair leaked.
It is so thoughtful for the salon to supply a Bag Stand. That way my purse stays clean and close by me.


The Bag Stand is a great solution to hold my purse and laptop bag at the office and when I get home.
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